PPAM 2009 GPU and OpenCL Tutorial

PPAM 2009 GPU and OpenCL Tutorial

GPUs, OpenCL and Scientific Computing

Welcome to the course notes for the full-day  PPAM 2009 OpenCL and GPU Computing Tutorial!

The tutorial was held at PPAM 2009 on Sunday, September 13, 2009.

Course Organizer

Robert Strzodka, Max Planck Institut Informatik

Course Speakers

  • Dominik Göddeke, TU Dortmund
  • Dominik Behr, AMD

Session 1: GPU Basics

  • Introduction (Strzodka)  (PDF)
  • Why GPUs? (Strzodka)  (PDF)
  • Programming Environments and Ready-to-use Libraries (Göddeke)  (PDF)
  • GPU Architecture (Strzodka)  (PDF)

Session 2: Introduction to OpenCL

  • Introduction to OpenCL (Behr)  (PDF)
  • Hands-on Examples

Session 3: OpenCL Basics

  • OpenCL API (Behr)  (PDF)
  • OpenCL Language (Behr)  (PDF)
  • Hands-on Examples

Session 4: Scientific Computing on GPUs

  • Aspects of Scientific Computing on GPUs (Strzodka) (PDF)
  • Case Study: GPU Cluster Computing for FEM (Göddeke) (PDF)

Session 5: Advanced OpenCL

  • OpenCL Architecture and Optimization on AMD GPUs (Behr) (PDF)
  • Hands-on Examples
  • AMD OpenCL GPU Demo