Real time stereo vision using exponential step cost aggregation on GPU (ACM)

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In this paper, we propose a local cost aggregation approach for real time stereo vision on a graphics processing unit (GPU). Recent research shows that local approaches based on carefully designed cost aggregation strategies can outperform many global approaches. Among those local aggregation approaches, adaptive-weight window produces the best quality disparity map under real-time constraint, but it is slower than other local approaches. We propose a very fast adaptive-weight aggregation method based on exponential step information propagation. The basic idea is to propagate information from long distance pixels within a few iterations. We also discuss important techniques of efficient implementation on GPU platform, which result in 10.5x speed up than a straightforward implementation. Compared to existing real time adaptive-weight approach, our technique reduces the computation time by more than half at improved accuracy. Detailed experimental results show that our technique is Pareto-optimal among existing real time or near real time stereo algorithms in the accuracy-speed trade-off space.

Paper available at ACM.

Carnegie Mellon University
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